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Our tipis

Nordic tipis are inspired by the Sami culture of Lapland and manufactured by Tentipi. Tentipi invented and has been manufacturing Nordic Tipis for 30 years now, meaning our tipis offer a tried and tested product of the highest quality that you can rely on.  


The Stratus

The Stratus (or giant hat) is an extremely versatile tent As a single tipi - with all the sides lowered - it is 10.3 metres in diameter and can seat 72 guests. However, the sides of the tent can be raised to increase the diameter to 13 metres, accommodating up to 128 guests. 

It’s also possible to join multiple Stratus tipis together, to create whatever space your heart desires. For example, 3 Stratus tipis, when joined together, will seat 150 people, including space for a dance floor, stage and bar.  The tents can be configured in a variety of different ways and you can see some examples along with costings here.

An additional feature of these tipis is that they can safely accommodate an open fire, providing a special atmosphere within the tent and often proving to be the focal point of any event. 


The Cirrus

The Cirrus (or Kungsörnen) is similar to a Stratus, but rather than lifting the sides, the Cirrus has a 4 metre wide opening. So it can be pitched alone with the opening as the door or it can be linked to a Stratus, The Cirrus provides a cosier space which is perfect for a bar area/chill out seating and open fireplace. The Cirrus is 8.5 metres in diameter.


Wow factor!

The modular nature of the tipis gives you huge flexibility when creating a space suitable for your guest numbers. The solid wooden poles, off-white canvas and neutral flooring provide a stunning blank canvas. Style them up or keep them simple, you have guaranteed wow factor for your guests. Please click here to see just a few examples of set ups, along with pricing to get you started. Please do contact us for a bespoke quote though.